Engine operation management requires the input of a few systems working together. The filtered air of the inductions system, the fuel delivered to each cylinder, and the emissions system all feed information to the ECM (or PCM) and the computer calculates the proper amount of fuel for each running condition. Being a computer, it can measure and correct parameters like the air/fuel ratio thousands of times per minute! It also takes input from the electrical system in determining load and how much timing advance the engine requires for optimum operation.

Regular maintenance

This is why it is so important to have regular maintenance on your vehicle. All of these systems work together to give input to a computer that determines the preferred running condition of the engine, moving the vehicle down the road safely and efficiently.

Occasionally an ECM will actually malfunction, but this is something that can be discovered during diagnostic testing. Vehicles have a variety of ECMs available, so it’s important to have one of our service advisors find the right unit for you.

We will meet and exceed your car service expectations

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