Direct injection engines are more popular in the hill country area because car manufacturers can design them to provide better fuel economy and cleaner emissions, delivering increased power output when you floor the gas pedal.

Direct injection engines have fuel injectors that spray fuel directly into the combustion chambers, and at much higher pressures. This type of setup allows the car’s ECU to finely control the amount of fuel entering each combustion chamber, which results in better air/fuel ratio management and a cleaner, more efficient burn as each cylinder fires off.

Since direct injection engines no longer have any fuel flowing through the intake ports and past the back of the intake valves, carbon deposits and oily residue tend to collect around these areas. In order to address these issues, some newer engine designs have gone as far as using direct injection in conjunction with port injection so that the intake valves can still get regularly cleaned by the fuel passing through the intake ports.

Benefits of getting your intake valve properly cleaned at Pharaoh Imports & Domestics include:

  1. Restores MPG
  2. Restores engine performance
  3. Restores power
  4. Reduces harmful emissions
  5. Smoother running engine

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